Case Study

The Horse’s Mouth | Digital Series

Fledgling food critic, Mike Postalakis, is writing a book about the Los Angeles food scene, and why he’s at it he is filming his own food show. The problem is, Mike thinks he needs to wear a horse mask to hide his identity from the people serving him food. The Horse’s Mouth is a show within a show and a show about a show. Mike’s girlfriend Eloise becomes dissatisfied with Mike selfishness and obsession with his show. While Mike goes further down the rabbit-hole, and even begins seeing an unknown man in an elephant’s mask, he doesn’t even notice Eloise drifting away.

Written & Created By : Mike Postalakis
Series Directors : Djay Brawner & Mike Postalakis
Produced By : Gabriel Younes & May Iosotaluno
Original Score By : Mark Yaeger
Executive Producer : DJay Brawner
Director of Photography : Kyle Fallon
Edited By : Chris “Fleck” Hernandez

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