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Portraits Of Her | Vans

A collaboration between Vans and Record Story Day sets forth to honor and uplift women in the music industry. Immerse yourself in the “Portraits of Her” trilogy – a captivating video series delving into the intertwined narratives and encounters recounted by female figures in the music industry, directed by Christina Xing.

In each installment, we orchestrated the convergence of two women hailing from disparate domains, fostering their inaugural rendezvous and facilitating the exchange of their chronicles within the industry’s labyrinth. The lens is surrendered to their capable hands, weaving together candid one-on-one instances where they explore their wellsprings of inspiration, surmounting of trials, conquest of milestones, and aspirations for the music cosmos’ forthcoming tapestry.

Director : Christina Xing
Producer : DJay Brawner
Cordinator : Felicty Jayn Heath
Director of Photogrphy : Tammy Santos
Editor : Shannon Griffin
Creative Director for Vans : Bruno Luglio
Post Production

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