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Harmonious | Epcot

In a collaborative effort, Walt Disney World and Yellow Shoes enlisted Tuff and director Nem Perez to spearhead an ambitious undertaking centered around their newest Epcot attraction: Harmonious. This enchanting blend of light and visuals is intricately interwoven with the backdrop of their legendary films and the diverse tapestry of the country pavilions at Epcot. To visually manifest this artistic vision, Tuff & Nem meticulously curated a team of six diverse directors, each embodying the very essence of the Harmonious show.

The objective was to breathe life into nine distinct spots, a task achieved by uniting directors who had never collaborated to co-direct these special vignettes. This cohesive team co-directed nine social spots in close partnership with the Disney team. With three teams working simultaneously across Epcot in the middle of the night, Tuff brought life to these spots that encapsulate the core of three distinct Epcot pavilions (China, Morocco, & Mexico) while showcasing the essence of Harmonious.

Lead Director : Nem Perez
Director : Brazil
Director : Christina Xing
Director : DJay Brawner
Director : Justin Jeffers
Director : Max Moore
Director : Tamar Levine
Producer : Max Rose
Motion Graphics
Visual Effects

6 Directors, 9 spots, 15 Actors, and 3 Active Sets

6 Directors, 9 spots, 15 Actors, and 3 Active Sets

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