Case Study

Go With It | Allbirds

For Allbirds’ “Go With It” campaign, we took to the vibrant streets of Mexico City to introduce their latest innovation, the New Treehugger. Over several weeks, we meticulously crafted multiple commercials, each capturing this iconic metropolis’s unique energy and cultural richness. From the bustling markets of La Merced to the serene beauty of Chapultepec Park, our team worked tirelessly to highlight the seamless blend of style and sustainability that the new Treehugger embodies. Collaborating with local talent and leveraging the city’s dynamic backdrop, we created a series of visually stunning and emotionally resonant spots that underscore Allbirds’ commitment to eco-friendly fashion and the spirit of adventure.

Director : Brett Campenelli
Director of Photography : Ian Hurdle
Executive Producer : Max Rose
Service Company : Central Films
Creative Consultation

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