Case Study

#cancelpizza | Ajinomoto

How wild would it be if everyone decided not to eat pizza anymore? In a playful marketing move that captured the essence of internet culture, we designed a viral campaign with Edelman NY for TikTok dubbed #Cancelpizza. The campaign revolved around the absurd notion of canceling pizza due to the presence of MSG, a commonly used flavor enhancer. Leveraging the trend of cancel culture and the platform’s penchant for quirky challenges, we created a series of humorous videos that initially presented the concept as a serious movement. 

After a carefully timed release, we gradually pulled back the curtain to reveal the true nature of the campaign, emphasizing its intention to entertain and provoke thought rather than promoting a genuine movement against pizza. This twist showcased our brand’s creativity and initiated a broader conversation about the power of viral trends, the importance of critical thinking in the digital age, and the potential consequences of blindly jumping onto bandwagons.

Director / Editor : Paul B Cummings
Executive Producer : DJay Brawner & Max Rose
Agency : Eldelman
Creative Consultation



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