Case Study

Acroynomns | Qdoba

What does QDOBA stand for? Well, it depends on the person enjoying these fresh Mexican eats. This campaign centered around creating playful and relevant acronyms using the letters in “QDOBA,” incorporating words that resonated with the brand’s offerings. This creative approach aimed to capture customers’ attention and foster a memorable and interactive experience. Through social media, digital advertising, and in-store promotions, QDOBA encouraged customers to share their interpretations of the acronym and discuss their favorite menu items, dining experiences, and what QDOBA meant to them. The Acronyms campaign showcased the brand’s commitment to fostering a strong community of food enthusiasts and highlighted its offerings’ unique and customizable nature.

As the QDOBA Acronyms campaign gained momentum, it increased customer engagement and buzz around the brand. By inviting customers to participate in the creation of acronyms, QDOBA successfully tapped into the power of user-generated content, sparking conversations and generating a sense of belonging among its patrons. The campaign’s lighthearted and inclusive approach resonated with a wide audience, from loyal QDOBA fans to newcomers looking for a fresh dining experience. By turning a simple word into a platform for connection, the QDOBA Acronyms campaign exemplified the brand’s ability to infuse creativity and fun into its marketing strategy, ultimately strengthening its brand identity and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Director : Whitey McCoughy
Editor : dfdgxdg
VFX & Color : Scissor Films

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